Mary Jane 🍁

I am a stoner , a proud one , whatever your thoughts may be about marijuana, this is how it changed my life..

Weed, kush, ganja, cannabis, whatever you call this substance,this is the story of how it changed my life for the better and how it opened my eyes to reach new heights. Firstly I come from a family and a community that does not necessarily advocate this substance and especially coming from a coloured community. This negative views was indoctrinated onto us by our parents that have been indoctrinated by their parents, and as you can tell it’s just a toxic cycle of lies and hatred for a substance that will not even come close to the damage that alcohol causes.

Anyhow my story starts by me ”experimenting” as they would call it, like any other kid, also I was and still am a very curious person and so I never settled for anything that anyone tells me, but always felt the need to challenge the beliefs and morals that have been laid down before me and so although I knew the views my family had I still wanted to experience things for myself. And just a word of advice, never believe that you have to always follow what your elders have laid before you, use it as a guide but never a way of life, find your own purpose, find your own voice and never be afraid to voice your opinion and stand firmly in what you believe in.

My journey towards self discovery started when I finally left my home town, on the search for my true purpose and passion in life. It was here when I realized the powerful impact that marijuana had on my life, and the positive vibes and energy that came with it. It opened my eyes and changed my perspectives and made me reach for greater heights and for that I will be eternally grateful.

In 2019 during February I had a personal hurdle that threw me off balance and being in a new city all by myself with nobody to lean on and the only connection I had to my family was to be made through facetimes and phone calls. It was then that I sat down and asked myself what am I really here for?. The simple answer was: to prove everyone wrong who doubted you and thought you would never make it big. That’s when I threw myself into my studies and now I can say that it was the best decision of my life.

Weed became something I did to relax , enjoying the time with the amazing friends I made and it felt like home, it felt like I was finally part of something bigger than myself, and I was moving in the right direction of finding myself, my true self.

It became a daily habit to hang out with friends and have a “sesh” as we would call it. During that time we’d have the most incredible and intellectual conversations that would blow my mind. And I can say with honesty that this journey has allowed me to meet the most amazing souls to ever walk across this earth.

Now you might be wondering , now where in the world did I find the time to be productive and actually doing what I was there to do. Well being in Port Elizabeth finally gave me a sense of freedom that I had been seeking my entire life, it made me want to be better , do better and work harder than I ever had in my life.

And weed helped me do that , I am proud to say that in my very first year of doing my BA psychology degree I obtained a total of 9 distinctions out of the 11 modules I took. And yes I am and was a stoner even back then, all you have to do is know your priorities and make time for that which is important to you and psychology is my life , it’s my desire and passion and it lights my soul on fire 🔥 and I have this deep longing to help people and understand the depths of their soul, and therefore I will always wake up with a smile on my face and my heart will always beat a little faster when I think about how I’m going to change the world one day.

I’d like to end this blog by saying that , despite all the hurdles and challenges thrown at you throughout your life’s journey , always be true to yourself , shout from the top of the mountains if you truly are passionate and believe in something so deeply it gives you goosebumps, listen to the opinions of others and don’t disregard them, but formulate your own opinions, make your own mistakes, fall down a 100 times and get back up 101 times.

And to all my stoners, stay blessed and stay lifted xx

Your favorite blogger.

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  1. Are you sure, it’s the drugs that make you feel relaxed, or make you work harder for your goals? Isn’t this something, that one should be able to achieve without having let other substances take control of your body, mind and soul? Shouldn’t you be able to tell yourself, what you want?
    I love the fact that you found your passion and have discovered yourself, but is this really you? Would you really want to lose control over your body over foreign substances? Just think about it. Don’t let drugs control you. Drugs may seem like a way to escape from your worries or just a way to enjoy life, but it comes with its negatives too. I think you should live your life naturally, accepting what it presents to you and have the ability to tell yourself what you want. At times, you may not be able to do so, but it’s okay, it’s natural. Anyways, you seem like a nice person. I hope you consider my words…

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    1. Thanks so much Kamya for your response on my post, when I first started my blog this is what I wanted it to be in the first place , a place of interaction and debates. Firstly the main point of my post was to take away the stigma from marijuana that has been attached to it for so long. I wanted to share my positive example with the world because I believe that if all marijuana users could portray their positive experiences and put it out there then we can lift this stigma against it, as purely a “drug”, I also don’t like using the word “drug” because yes I agree that many people can over use this substance and take advantage of it but that is not the case with me and so many others. For example many people drink alcohol but not all are alcoholics. And then I also know my place , I know when is the time to have fun and when is the time to get down and grind. What most people don’t understand is that it’s okay to be a stoner , but you have to understand moderation and you don’t have to let it take over your life, that’s why many people have asked me how do I stay on top of my game , yet I’m a stoner. Lastly I did not mean that the marijuana makes me work harder for my goals , that is purely who I am because I am and always have been a driven and dedicated person. By the way it has been proven that certain strains of marijuana can actually improve concentration and focus which is what many people don’t know. I appreciate your advice and your constructive criticism so much , it means the world to me.

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      1. I like your approach. I don’t have much knowledge upon this topic, but I still believe it’s better not to consume any of this (pure drug or not). It’s okay if I belong to a different school of thoughts upon this topic. You have your choice and freedom. I have portrayed my thoughts. You haven’t lost control over this, and I hope you never do. Thank you for the appreciation. That is very mature and understanding of you. Take care.

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      2. I appreciate all opinions and thoughts from everyone and anyone , even though we may differ I still take it to heart because you’re allowed to voice your opinion and this way we can learn from each other. Keep well xx

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    1. I would only like to be truthful and be myself for those who read my blogs , I am happy that you have been one of the few people that have recognized that and it truly is a blessing to have such a platform where one can express yourself so freely. I appreciate your feedback , it means the world to me xx.

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